Knowing sdme, knowing you

Ah-Our Story

We are exactly what it says on the tin: some digital marketing execs

We worked together for a couple of years, achieved greatness like no other, and found ourselves on the same page. Mostly...

Anyway, this idea all came from our dislike of over-complicated, unnecessarily long-winded, and outright boring marketing pitches.

Why do we need that?
Why is that so expensive?
Why is this so boring?

And that was that. We set up sdme a week or so later with the vision of doing it differently.


The vision

We love marketing and love to see it done right. It should be fun, it should be clever, it should make you smile.

And this is what we're about at sdme.

You probably don't need a 40-page marketing strategy written solely in TLAs.

What you probably want is a little help to get your business out there. A brand identity, a showcase video, a new website.

We're here for the 99%. The sole-traders, the family business, the kitchen table companies.

Success for us isn't £££. Success for us will be getting an invite to the Christmas party.


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